Saturday, October 17, 2009

Redbeards Mountain Resort (and yacht club)

Redbeards is up on Mount Washington, on Shiloh street. This place had become a bit worn, needed a good cleaning and some updating. A new owner turned this bar around! Just a new coat of paint, some cool big screen HD TV's, newly remodeled bathrooms and a good scrubbing has turned this into a place that I enjoy going to again. The beer is always cold and they have a nice draft selection. Food is better than average bar food...The hand cut cheese sticks are tremendous, and I really like the warm German potato salad that you can get with your sandwich.

With all the good TV's it's really a good place to watch sports, but they really get a fun crowd on hockey nights. The only negative I have is that the service can be sketchy at times. I've experienced this and have also had others make comments about the service to me. It's never been so bad that I won't go back, and on most occasions it has been just fine. I'm going to continue going to watch the Pens because it's a great crowd for that.

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