Friday, October 16, 2009

Sunny Jims

Sunny Jims (Camp Horne Road, North Hills) was a local hangout that I would frequent when I lived in the area a few years ago. I was in the area yesterday, and decided to check it out again.

They had a fire there several months ago, and were shut down for awhile so I wanted to see if they had made any changes. What a great bar! I always liked it, but since the fire they really improved the place. It's clean as can be, the restrooms were nice and the prices are very reasonable. We had lunch which was good and just chatted with the bartenders for the afternoon. The owner came in (he does not know me)and bought us a round of drinks...How often does that happen???

They also have an outdoor area with a small stream running through it which would be a beautiful setting during warm weather.

Even though I don't live in the area anymore, I'll be sure to stop in again whenever I'm in the area.

I'll give Sunny Jim's a solid 8.

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